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The Story of Freedom Yurt Cabins

A High-Quality and Affordable Pedigree

Over 10 years ago, Freedom Yurt Cabins began as a single-walled, metal-roofed structure intended for humanitarian and disaster relief applications. This early metal yurt model, called the T-Shift, could be easily and affordably shipped and assembled. Its solid, round design gave it extremely high structural integrity, and it could be assembled/disassembled in 1-2 days. This video shows how robust this early Yurt Cabin model was.

The Modern Yurt Cabin is Born

In 2014 Richard Barry, designer and creator of Freedom Yurt Cabins, took the inherent strengths of his T-Shift model and created today’s modern, comfortable Yurt Cabins for personal and business use. He upgraded the model from one solid wall to a double-walled, insulated, wood structure. The roof was upgraded from single-layer metal to a 3-layer combination of wood, polyiso foam insulation, and DuroLast vinyl fabric. The interior, with its Douglas Fir log rafters and tongue and groove ceiling look, give our yurt a distinct cabin feel. The Freedom Yurt Cabin maintains its easy assembly and integrated base system, which were core concepts of the T-Shift. Now, people searching to buy a yurt do not have to build a separate platform or sacrifice on features like real insulation, solid walls, and glass windows. These all come standard in every Freedom Yurt Cabin model. Click here to learn more about the Yurt Cabin’s unique features.

Into the Present and Future

The current owners, Brian Cichowitz and Ken Sawyer, purchased the company in 2017. Brian manages the company from its sales office in Colorado Springs, while Ken heads up production in the Sidney, Nebraska factory. Freedom Yurt Cabins continues to innovate and produce high-quality wood dwellings, with excellent customer service to match. Growth has been exponential since 2017, as more and more Yurt Cabins are shipped to all corners of the United States and worldwide. Read below to learn more about the employees of Freedom Yurt Cabins, and follow along with our journey on Facebook and Instagram.

The People of Freedom Yurt Cabins

Brian Cichowitz



Ken Sawyer

Manufacturing Production Manager


Connor Bruson
About Us Connor Headshot

Sales & Marketing Manager

An outdoorsman and Colorado Springs native, Connor’s personal passions and professional sales expertise have landed him in this ideal position. Two weeks after graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism with a minor in Business Administration, Connor married his childhood friend Alix to begin a life of adventure together. After many years working as a salesman in the outdoor retail industry, Connor and Alix took off on a 7-month missions trip to travel and serve around the world. Coming home with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, they created a service-oriented travel blog called ActsOfAdventure.com. Alix pursued her dream of owning her own videography business, and Connor was fortunate enough to find his current job with Freedom Yurt Cabins. In 2019, they are taking off on a grand adventure of traveling, living, and working in a self-converted Ram Promaster camper van.

The Yurt Cabin product aligns perfectly with Connor’s minimalist mindset and rec & tourism education. It is a parallel product to the outdoor industry with clients such as glamping resorts, the Forest Service, backcountry huts, and personal vacation cabins. If you call Freedom Yurt Cabins at 719-362-3333, Connor will be on the line to answer your questions and walk you through the order, shipping, and assembly processes.


Production Manager


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