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How to Buy a Yurt Cabin

When searching for the best yurt for sale, we know that the amount of choices can be overwhelming, and the decision & buying process can be tiresome and complicated. There are so many different alternative housing structures, such as yurts, log cabin kits, container homes, tiny houses, domes, tents, and many others. To make it simple, the Yurt Cabin combines the best features of traditional yurts and log cabin kits into an completely unique wood yurt kit.

Along with the Yurt Cabin’s user-friendliness and ease of assembly, our friendly staff will personally assist you from beginning to end. You’ll have one single main point of contact through asking initial questions, placing your order, shipping & delivery, assembly, and onward into your life of Yurt Cabin ownership. In the end, we want your journey to be as simple and comfortable as your life in a Freedom Yurt Cabin will be!
Continue reading to learn how to buy a yurt from us.

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You have land, and you know that you want to build a yurt or a log cabin kit on it. Now the hard part begins: finding the best yurt for sale.

We encourage you to shop around. Request quotes from the major yurt manufacturers. They all have slight differences and benefits. While you’re at it, read through the pros and cons of fabric versus wood yurts. If you’re looking for a high-quality, do-it-yourself, durable yurt kit, complete with an integrated platform system, then a Freedom Yurt Cabin will check all of your boxes.

Save yourself the trouble of shopping around with our Yurt Cost Comparison Chart, which shows our best-in-class value and longevity compared to fabric yurts. Freedom Yurt Cabins are the first wood yurt kits to be priced competitively with similarly-equipped fabric yurts. The bottom line is that a wood Yurt Cabin has 2-3 times the durability of a fabric yurt, with more comfort all the while.

See? The decision process actually isn’t very difficult after all. When you’re ready to get started buying a Freedom Yurt Cabin, simply request a quote, and our friendly sales staff will get in touch with a personalized estimate and answer any of your questions.

After a few emails and/or phone calls, we will finalize your personalized estimate so that you know exactly how much it will cost to buy a Yurt Cabin.

We will notify you of our current lead time and do our best to deliver your order during your ideal building timeframe. Spring is always the busiest season for deliveries, so customers who order during Winter will more likely receive their ideal delivery date. Ordering earlier is always better.

Our payment policies require a 50% down payment, then a final payment of 50% plus shipping about 2-3 weeks prior to your shipping date. Once we receive your 50% initial deposit via check or wire transfer, your order is locked into our production queue. Then, you will receive a site preparation kit to begin preparing the location of your Yurt Cabin.

Approximately 2-3 weeks out from your estimated shipping date, we will contract with our shipping company and finalize the cost and date of your shipment. Then, you will pay the remaining 50% balance along with the shipping cost. You are also welcome to book your own shipment, but you must let us know if you prefer that option.

We will notify you when your order ships, and the truck driver is also instructed to call ahead with an exact delivery time and date. The Yurt Cabin kits consist of 2 – 4 large pallets, and it must ship on a flatbed semi trailer. A smaller “hotshot” truck and gooseneck trailer can also be used for more difficult delivery locations.

We highly recommend unloading the Yurt Cabin’s pallets with a forklift or skid loader, which should be rated for 3000 pounds. The pallets can be unloaded by hand with 4 strong people, but a forklift makes quick work of the project and allows the plastic-wrapped pallets to be kept intact if you need to store the building kit for a short amount of time.

The Yurt Cabin kit uses simple bolt-together assembly methods. About 90% of our customers are able to assemble it themselves with some friends, family, or neighbors with little to no building experience. Three or four people can assemble the Yurt Cabin in 3 – 5 days.

We provide a detailed assembly manual with pictures, phone and email support, and many assembly videos are available on our website.

In general, the assembly process happens like this:

Site preparation – This process of smoothing out your building site and placing concrete pavers (piers) should be completed before the Yurt Cabin is delivered.

Assembly Day 1 – Drive the Earth Anchors into the ground and build the Integrated Platform System on top of the piers.

Assembly Day 2 – Erect the wall panels, steel cable, rafters, and center ring.

Assembly Day 3 – Install the insulated ceiling panels, roof cover, crown, and dome.

Assembly Day 4 – Attach the valance and awning, apply caulk between the wall panels, and do any finishing touches and adjustments.

Many customers are able to finish assembly in 3 days, depending on environmental factors and the size of the Yurt Cabin. The 12-Wall can be built considerably faster than the 18-Wall.

Your Yurt Cabin is now ready for decades of use. There are countless reasons to buy a Yurt Cabin, and each customer is able to customize the interior to fit their exact needs. From full-time, off-grid living to back yard yoga studios or Airbnb, the Yurt Cabin is the best yurt for the job.

With our all-wood construction, interior walls can easily be framed up with 2×4 and drywall construction, like a regular house. If you are adding plumbing and electricity, route pipes and wires up through the integrated platform system. Routing these up into a “wet wall” is a popular choice. This allows the plumbing to be hidden, with a kitchen on one side of the wall, and a bathroom on the other side. Or, simply keep the open, circular design to maximize the feel and energy of the space. The plywood floor can be finished with the flooring of your choice.

Click here to find the answers to our frequently asked questions, learn more about permitting a Yurt Cabin, and maintenance tips for Yurt Cabins.

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