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Floor System

Freedom Yurt Cabins have a unique and innovative floor system that is integrated into the structure. While fabric yurts require you to build a foundation or permanent deck, the floor system of a Freedom Yurt Cabin is easily assembled and removable. Joists radiate outward from a steel center support ring. Adjustable feet make leveling quick and easy. Floor sheathing panels are precision cut and have integrated spacing nubs assuring the correct spacing between the sheathing panels. Sheathing is screwed directly to the joists. Sheathing screw locations are pre-drilled and counter-sunk for ease of installation (no guesswork). Access underneath the floor by removing individual sheathing panels or drilling straight through them to route plumbing and electricity.
Note: The floor covering and baseboards are not included with the Yurt Cabin kit. These items must be installed by the end user.



Walls are made with meticulous attention to detail. Each wall is precision crafted utilizing round log dowels for the frame with mortise and tenon joinery. The wall is then precision machined to accept a structurally-rated, engineered LP SmartSide® panel on both sides. Each wall is packed with 2 inches of fiberglass insulation (R-9.7 rating standard). Walls have a cedar texture and can be painted just about any color imaginable using premium Behr® Marquee paints. Unlike fabric yurts, which require more intensive retrofitting to get the finish you want, our Yurt Cabins can be customized just like you would a home. You also don’t have to worry about expensive insulation upgrades to add to your product.


Interior Rafters & Ceiling

Rafters are made from beautiful round Lodgepole pine dowels, which are sanded and finished with a durable, semi-transparent Weatherall® UV Guard stain. The ceiling has a tongue and groove look, but it is actually plywood roof sheathing, sanded and stained the same as the rafters and frame members. Both the rafters and the ceiling combine to give the yurt a distinctive cabin feel inside. Again, the cedar-textured interior walls can be painted to suit your own taste. Unlike fabric yurts, you don’t have to look at lattice walls or a fabric ceiling.


Roof Ring, Crown, and Dome

The roof ring is strong but lightweight steel, which greatly facilitates the installation of the rafters.

The “crown” goes on after the top-cover DuroLast fabric has been installed. The crown seals tight against the fabric. The roof crown also creates a perfect transition between the roof and dome.

The standard roof dome is made from 1/4” clear acrylic. A tinted dome is an optional upgrade. The innovative dome opener opens 360° for maximum ventilation. Even with the dome open, it’s next to impossible for water to get in during a normal rain storm.


Roof Insulation and Top Cover

Because of the unique wood finish and rafters, Yurt Cabins have roof insulation above and beyond traditional fabric yurts. We use 2 inches of polyiso rigid foam insulation board (R-13.7 rating standard). The topcover is DuroLast® heavy duty commercial roof fabric, generally offered as the highest-quality roof cover in the modern yurt industry.



Windows are high-quality, vinyl single-hung windows in a tan color. Low-E, double-pane glass is standard. They can be ordered with or without grids. All windows come with screens. Our smallest 12-Wall Yurt Cabin (217sf) comes with two windows. Our two middle-sized Yurt Cabins (296sf and 385sf) come with three windows. Our largest 18-Wall Yurt Cabin (490sf) comes with four windows. Yurt Cabins can be ordered with extra windows. Egress windows (10″ taller) are also available. Unless you want to pay for an expensive window upgrade, typical fabric yurts come with vinyl windows that can only be opened from the outside.



The standard door is an insulated 9-Lite fiberglass door. This is a pre-hung standard 36” exterior house door. Using a standard door has the advantage of extra durability, and the ability to add a screen or storm door if desired. Unless some other color is desired, the door will be painted with the same stain as the Yurt Cabin frame, giving it an attractive wood grain appearance.


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