Freedom Yurt Cabin 12-Wall


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12-Wall Yurt Cabin

  • Area – 217 sq. ft.
  • Diameter – 16’7 ½”
  • Windows – 2
  • Roof dome – 4’ diameter
  • Peak ceiling height- 10’ 10 ½”

General Info

  • Tall Walls (7’ 4”)
  • House Windows
  • Heavy Duty DuroLast Roof Fabric
  • Snow and Wind Kit
  • Wall Insulation R 9.7
  • Roof Insulation R13.7
  • Dome Lifter
  • Awning Over Entrance


  • Extra Window: $450
  • Egress Window Upgrade: $150
  • Extra Door with Awning: $900
  • Screen or Storm Door: $300
  • Tinted Dome: $200
  • Fan Mount: $50
  • Floor Insulation Kit (Without Batt Insulation): $600
  • 4″ Rafter Upgrade: $900
  • Custom Color Option: $150



The Yurt Cabin is the first solid walled yurt on the market to be priced competitively. It is engineered as an integral unit from the ground up, greatly simplifying and expediting the assembly process. Now owning a cabin is not just for an elite few; the Yurt Cabin is truly a cabin for the rest of us.

With solid walls, an integrated flooring system, full insulation, glass windows, and roundwood log frame and rafters, this Yurt Cabin has a distinctive cabin feel.

The Yurt Cabin has a light environmental footprint. It doesn’t need cement footings like most yurt installations. It can be set up on stepping stones and secured using special earth anchors. Later, it can be removed and relocated with minimal impact.
freedom yurt cabins ecocabinsfreedom yurt cabins ecocabins

freedom yurt cabin 12 wall


freedom yurt cabin 12 wall interior

Additional information

Weight6000 lbs
Dimensions16 × 8 × 6 in